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Our farm

Our small,  family-run farm sells extravergin olive oil and citrus.  Recently, we have begun to follow the principles of permaculture, for an eco-sustainable and ethical system to manage the earth's resources so necessary for the survival of humanity. 

1970's A pause during planting

The farm is a small family-run farm located in the agricultural town of Ribera (Agrigento). It was established in the 1970s by Vincenzo Marretta. He planted about 500 washington navel orange trees, some lemon trees, clementines, tangerines, grapes and olives on one hectare of fertile land close to the small Magazzolo river. In 2007 the farm was turned over to Vincenzo's son, Saro, and grandson, Emilio. Later on Fabio, Emilio's brother, also became a part of the enterprise. Today, it is run it with the help of other family members and friends.

Initially "conventional" farming techniques were used. In the 1990s the farm underwent a transition to biological pest control (the use of natural insect predators) and in May 2007 we applied  for organic certification, since we wanted to grow our produce in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We have been certified organic since June, 2010.

Today, we lean towards permaculture and its ethics and principles.

Uncultivated area of grove
The farm house and surounding orange grove
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