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Our produce

The oranges and olives are hand picked and selected. The olives, picked in October, are immediately pressed and, unfiltered, put in 5-liter tins to preserve taste and aroma. The oranges are harvested from November to March-April, packed into crates with no fancy marketing tricks, and shipped to Pontassieve, near Florence, in order to reach you after only a few days. 
On request our produce can be shipped elsewhere. 

Navelina orange showing navel


The Navelina orange is medium to medium-large in size and slightly pear-shaped with a small navel. The fruit is seedless, is ripe at the beginning of November, and is juicy with a sweet flavor similar to the Washington navel. The rind is very smooth and is a reddish orange color.

The oranges are available from November to December/January.

Washington navel oranges on the tree

Washington navel

The Washington Navel orange is large, spherical to ovoid or ellipsoid, seedless with a meaty, deep-coloured flesh, a firm texture, and a juicy, rich flavor. The segments separate easily. The medium-thick rinds are also deep orange, easy to peel and somewhat tender. All navel oranges have a navel at the blossom end - an opening with a convoluted interior that looks like a navel.
The oranges are available from January to the end of March-April. 

Vaniglia orange

Vaniglia apirena

The Vaniglia apirena orange is a sweet, nearly seedless, non-navel orange. The rind is light orange and sometimes a bit green, a medium thickness, and easy to peel. The pulp is light orange, tender, juicy, very sweet yet delicate with an aftertaste of vanilla. It has a very low acid content (less than 0.06-0.15%), and because of this, the vaniglia apirena is recommended for people who have gastric, intestinal or hepatic problems. Furthermore, though it is very sweet, it has a very low sugar content. 

Olive oil after pressing

Extra virgin olive oil

Our extra-virgin olive oil comes from the varieties Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice.

The Biancolilla oil is light green, slightly yellow, and has a fruity fragrance of almonds, green tomatoes and freshly-cut grass. It is slightly sweet yet mildly pungent, with a full-bodied density. It is excellent, crudo, over fish and with salads or soft summer cheeses.

The Nocellara del Belice oil tastes ripe, bright and fruity with imitable grassy nuances. Its flavor and acidity make it perfect for cold, warm and hot preparations.

Our oranges can be eaten fresh, squeezed for orange juice, or used to make all types of tasty dishes. Since they are organic, the rinds can be dried and candied.

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